If you have been a victim of a violent crime and would like to pursue justice for compensation, this guide will help you make the right steps towards getting your rightful compensation. Chances are; many people are not aware that they can claim compensation or the complicated legal processes scare away some of the victims of violent crimes. The whole process can be confusing or too involving that many people give up. We have put together a guideline that will help victims have a better understanding.

A sure bet for winning a compensation claim is to involve a criminal injury lawyer to guide you from the start to the end. They understand injury law like the back of their hand and will do what is humanly possible to see that you get compensated fairly. The good news is that; they can work with you without a down payment or on a no-win-no-fee basis. We shall break down the legal jargon for an ordinary person like you to understand.

How to find the right criminal injury lawyer

The legal fraternity is wide and there are those solicitors who specialize in every legal area. In this case, some specialize in criminal injury law. Such lawyers focus on winning injury claims for their clients following due processes. They specialize in handling criminal injury claims and see to it that you get the rightful injury compensation. If by chance you get a lawyer specializing in other areas of law other than criminal injury law, your chances of success are compromised. What’s more, it is not a must to get help from a lawyer in the same locality as you, you can collaborate remotely using the internet and phone calls or emails.

What are the charges of a criminal injury lawsuit?

It depends. Most of them ask for a certain percentage of what you will get as compensation, while others charge a fixed amount that you must pay when the case is over. Some solicitors use a no-win-no-fee basis, but if they win the case they charge clients hefty to cut the risk on their side.

What contexts do criminal injury lawyers deal with

There are more kinds of criminal events committed in society, some can cause serious life injuries while some are mild, but all in all, they need to be addressed to make sure the perpetrators do not repeat the same on other members of the society. Criminal injury lawyers handle an array of crimes including; physical assault, sexual abuse, rape or even death. Physical assault is a crime that causes victims scars, lacerations or permanent disability. While sexual abuse includes sex predators and minor defilement, rape or sex without consent and sexual harassment. Some are aggravating and can even cause death and the dependents are obligated to fight for justice to be served on behalf of the victim.

Can I pursue justice without a criminal injury lawyer?

Yes and no. Yes if you are knowledgeable in legal matters, especially those about claims and compensation. But where you cannot afford one the government shall provide it for you free of charge. But to be sure of a win, you need to engage a criminal injury lawyer from a local criminal law firm to help you pursue the course, otherwise, the chances of losing the case are high without a professional.

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