Whether an employer or an employee, you will always have emotions when at work. This is because we were created as emotional creatures, and hence we must be sensitive from time to time. However, at times we fail to recognise the meaning of our emotions, and therefore we end up finding us failing to achieve our goals and objectives in our places of work.   The only thing that can help everyone recognise their emotions and those of others is emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is critical in the place of work because people have mixed emotions, and you have to identify your feelings and those of others. When you have recognised these emotions, you will be able to work together and achieve the goals and objectives of your place of work. The following pillars of emotional intelligence are fundamental to every person in the place of work.

1.      Self-awareness

Self-awareness is the act of knowing and understanding yourself at all times. This means that whenever you are emotional, you will have the ability to understand what is happening to you and why it is happening to you. This will help you to be aware of the emotional changes that you will be experiencing anytime when you are in the place of work.  This is one of the essential pillars of the emotional intelligence that every worker must-have.

 Apart from knowing and understanding your emotions, you will have the chance to study them and know how they affect you in your place of work.  You will understand the type of emotions that helps you perform better in the place of work and the ones that hinder you from performing well.  This will make sure that you overcome your weaknesses and work with your strengths.  This pillar will help both employees and employers to perfect in their jobs, thereby increasing their expected results.

2.      Self-regulation

Once you can recognise your emotions and the effect they might have, you will need to regulate and manage these emotions. This is why you will need to have self-regulation ability.  For instance, you may be outraged, yet you will be required to work with other people. These emotions may make you mess in the manner that you will be communicating with the people around you and even with your employer or employees. However, you will have to make sure that the anger you have does not affect you when you are working. This is why you will need emotional intelligence for you to monitor and manage this anger.

3.      Motivation

When you have emotional intelligence, it will be very easy for you to be motivated as you work. This is why motivation is another essential pillar of emotional intelligence.  There are home people who will be driven by factors like the money they are earning, or even the titles they have. When the payment is not there, it will be very difficult for them to work as usual. This is why you will need to be motivated yourself when working so that you can achieve your goals and achievements.

4.      Empathy

This is one of the pillars that many people in places of work lack. Having empathy means that you are compassionate and you are concerned with the well being of the other people. This is an essential virtue that employers and employees should have since they all require each other for the success of the company or business.

5.      Interpersonal skills

To understand each person you meet at the place of work, you must have interpersonal skills. They enable you to understand the people you meet and also help them if they need your help. For this reason, this is also another essential pillar of emotional intelligence in the workplace.

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