On December 19, 2011, AT&T announced that it has withdrawn its bid to acquire T-Mobile. The merger that we have been fighting is now dead.

I am proud that my law firm, Bursor & Fisher, P.A. was the first to stand up to fight this anticompetitive merger in June -- six weeks before the Department of Justice filed its lawsuit, and four months before the FCC disapproved it. And I am humbled that thousands of AT&T customers visited this website and joined with us. We challenged this merger to protect all Americans who purchase wireless phones and services, who would have faced higher prices and worse service if this merger had gone through. Now that AT&T has abandoned the deal, we have won.

This is a tremendous victory for you, for my firm, and for all consumers who rely on competition in the wireless industry. But this important victory did not come easily. We had to file more than 2,000 arbitration demands on behalf of AT&T customers; we had to defend eight lawsuits that AT&T filed against us in courts around the country; we had to sue the FCC to get them to release important data showing how this merger would harm competition; my law firm had to advance more than $80,000 in out-of-pocket expenses for this effort, and we've worked thousands of hours to achieve this result.

We have accomplished our goal of stopping this anticompetitive merger. Now that AT&T has abandoned the deal, we have won. On behalf of everyone at Bursor & Fisher, I want to thank you again for joining with my law firm stop this anticompetitive merger, and I want to congratulate you on this tremendous victory.

Very truly yours,

Scott A. Bursor

Scott A. Bursor